I am post-doctoral researcher and head of the Future Internet Applications group at the Chair of Communication Networks at the University of Würzburg. My main research interests are modeling and optimization of Crowdsourcing applications, Crowdsourcing for subjective evaluation, and Quality of Experience for interactive and business applications.


July 2017 Paper accepted to Workshop on Responsible Recommendation: Impact of Task Recommendation Systems in Crowdsourcing Platforms.
May 2017: Paper accepted to International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience: Designing a Survey Tool for Monitoring Enterprise QoE.
April 2017: Paper accepted to Workshop on QoE-based Analysis and Management of Data Communication Networks: Collecting Subjective Ratings in Enterprise Environments.
April 2017: Paper accepted to International Conference Radioelektronika: On Use of Crowdsourcing for H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC Video Quality Evaluation.
March 2017: I am co-organizing a summer school on Crowdsourcing and IoT from July 31st to August 4th in Würzburg. More information are available at: http://iotcrowd.org/
September 2016: I am giving a new lecture on Crowdsourcing during Winter Term 2016/2017 at the University of Würzburg